aboutpPhotograph by Anders Finsland

I am Mugabi Mwanje. I was born in this country, in the eastern part of Africa. It looks like this.  I was raised here. Living in Norway since 2010. I currently go to school here and live here

Hobbyist photographer. I love the outdoors, a healthy dose of chaos and randomness. I spend a lot of time trying not to suck at photography but I also won’t think twice about showing the horrible pictures–this is where I put what I shoot. I am yet to find my niche, so I shoot just about anything hoping to find what I love shooting most along the way. This guy is my all time favourite photographer. This is what I use.



Of the name: ”unlimitedshooting”

1. unlimited: not bounded by exceptions

2. shooting: to take a picture or series of pictures

(All definitions from Merriam-Webster.com)  


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